What we do

Team Development - using Equine Facilitated Coaching sessions at various locations around the Midlands


 We provide team 'time-out' sessions to develop the self-awareness of each team member which leads to more openness and collaborative thinking. We work with teams both newly formed and those who are already working together, who want to achieve greater effectiveness.


Using horses in our activities gains greater authenticity in how people communicate and interrelate with each other. They can let their guard down and become a more open group of people. This, in turn, enables awareness of how members of the team work and interact with each other to develop relationships and higher performance. 


• This can include using 360 programmes (Joharas Window) to help develop the awareness of each individual team member,  both self-awareness and a better understanding of each team member’s strengths and attitudes.


• The sessions develop each member’s personal confidence to understand everyone’s importance in the team and that it is vitally important they feel able to challenge constructively.


• Raising awareness of group dynamics shows how they can have a positive impact on group decisions, but how group thinking can also lead to more moderated decision making.



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