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Confident Kids Coaching Workshop - 1.5 hrs £40 per child

Small group coaching sessions for kids aged 7 upwards, to help build self-confidence, self esteem and life skills. Young people may be struggling with school life or there may be worry about trying new things or meeting new people. We help young people to cope with life and help parents support their children though life's troubling times.Sessions are run by a Chartered Psychologist, CBT Coach and experienced Equine Coaches. Together with the small herd of horses, we bring together an understanding of managing energy and emotion and mindfulness to the sessions that help with fear and anxiety that children may have. There is no riding, all activities are on the ground making it easier for them to engage with the support. No horse experience is necessary. We are very careful to build confidence with a series of structured activities they undertake with horses. These may be done alone or in groups. This allows them to gain instant honest feedback, that enables young people to learn and develop life skills and resilience. Many children have never felt a sense of achievement in their life and the horses provide this unconditionally. Many of the activities are about gaining self awareness by looking at the body language of the horses and what they are telling us, this helps develop more empathy and emotional intelligence which are key life skills. 

  • 1.5hrs small group session

  • All staff are Enhanced DBS checked

  • Suitable for children aged 7 and over

  • Supportive for children and families

  • All sessions take place outside in a safe, supportive, natural environment

  • Suitable clothing and footwear should be worn for outdoor activities with horses

  • Workshop is all ground based, there is no riding and no horse experience is needed

  • Children are able to learn and develop key resilience skills and form positive coping strategies that they can use in all areas of life.

  • Workshops can be taken as a one off session or can be repeated as we run them regularly

  • Bespoke, individual programmes can be developed should young people need to carry on with additional coaching

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