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SEN Students Coaching sessions - 1.5 hrs that can be linked to make a 1/2 and full days

  • Individuals and small groups

  • 6 week progamme initally to build rapport and gain more understanding of the students concerns

  • sessions are flexible and tailored around the students and what they are struggling with most and how best to help them build self confidence and resilience to keep trying when they may have found life particularly difficult

  • we are able to support the SENCO and Families to gain the best plan possible for maintaining the student in education of some sort 

  • Please contact us for a free inital call to find out how we can help your child

'The service we received from Harness Coaching was excellent. I used them for support getting an ASD assessment for my child. I found Lizz to be very caring and understanding in her approach. Lizz gave lots of feedback between sessions which was extremely useful. She noticed things I hadn't and suggested useful strategies to support my child at home and in school. Lizz helped push for an assessment. Lizz drove things forward by engaging with the autism service and school in an holistic approach so everyone was in the same page. The information Lizz contributed to support my child's referral was invaluable.'

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