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 Our approach

Our model includes active and reflective exercises which can be tailored for different client groups.The horses are facilitators in their own right rather than tools for the therapist. Horses are excellent teachers in our journey to discover and understand ourselves better. This is because they are herd animals, social by nature and therefore have a heightened awareness of the rest of the herd members which include us when we are around them.


Team Development – Time out to develop self awareness for each team member and so more openness with the rest of the team.


  • Ideal for new teams that need to gel together quickly.

  • Good for teams that are coming together following a merger or after redundancy when there needs to be some time to reflect and accept what has happened, before moving on as a new team.

  • Using the horses to gain greater authenticity in how people communicate and interrelate with each other. They can let their guard down and become a more open group of people.

  • Can use alongside a 360 type programme to help develop awareness of each individual team members strengths to see if they are in the right place in the team.

  • Develop their own self-confidence to understand the importance of everyone in the team and that it is vitally important to be able to challenge constructively when people have different views to prevent group thinking.

  • Pre-session assessment of current situation and what the outcome ultimately has to be.

  • Introductory session on arrival to assess understanding of the team members and identify how they feel about the situation.

  • Meet the herd activity to allow people to recognise their own inhibitions and concerns. This will involve assessing energy activity levels to demonstrate any stress people might be experiencing or have bought with them.

  • The time will be divided up to allow the team to work through their own concerns about the coming piece of work/project or about working together from now on. There is also some challenge from other team members and facilitators around this as necessary.

  • Time to reflect on learning that has taken place both personal and as team member.

  • Bring together everyone to finalise next steps and personal commitments to the new team.

Authentic/Inclusive Leadership

Today's leaders have to manage a constantly changing landscape of business demands. They may need to manage multicultural groups across different locations, varieties of age groups as the older generations must stick around, they have to be inclusive in how they manage and develop their teams.

People need different skills to be good managers and leaders now – its not a dictatorship anymore. Staff need to be given challenging work that energizes them without drowning them under too much bureaucracy to allow them to find their own job satisfaction and work life balance. Flexible working is here to stay and for many staff it is a positive change, however it requires managers who can let go of the need to see someone at their desk and be able to work with their team to set clear achievable targets/goals that helps everyone achieve the desired output.


Stress often caused by people feeling they are not sure what is expected of them and they are not supported by their mangers to work in a way that fits in with their strengths and how they wish to work.

Leaders now need to understand the influence they have on how satisfied their teams are with their work and environment.  They have to lead by example in how they manage their own work life balance and by allowing people to show their strengths. This is not easy for many managers who have had to cope with poor management role models themselves.


  • We offer leadership team development as a whole group.

  • Or individual development separately that people can do without others around to see if they feel more comfortable with this.

  • We can run individual sessions followed by group work with the whole team to bring them together and able to make decisions in a constructive way to stay on plan.

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