How we do it

Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) Coaching sessions 

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of talking therapy which can be used to treat people with a wide range of mental health problems.

CBT works from the premise that our cognition,  how we think, our emotions, how we feel and our behaviour are all inter-related. This can lead to psychological distress when a person has negative and unrealistic thoughts that can be blown out of proportion, leading to a distorted view of the problem they face. 


The CBT helps people become more aware of this negative biased thinking and work with them to alternative ways of thinking that will help them develop a plan of relevant action to sort out the issues they want to improve.

The Cognitive Behavioural Coaching we use is an integrated approach which combines the use of cognitive, behavioural, imaginal and problem-solving techniques and strategies within a cognitive behavioural framework, to help clients make positive improvements to the issues they arrive with. We find this makes the change a sustainable one as it has become adopted as part of the programme and possible derailing factors are also considered.


Equine Facilitated Coaching sessions - With horses as facilitators

Equine Facilitator Learning (EFL) views the horse as a sentient being, with many similarities to humans in how they respond to threats when they see them coming. However, they can let go of the stress response more easily when the threat has passed, whereas we hang onto the stress and allow our minds to over analysis things for a long time after it has finished. Horses do not think about what will happen tomorrow; they have no fear and life is good. We worry about what is around the corner which has a detrimental effect on our performance at work and in our life and ultimately this stress effects our mental health, often leading to depression and anxiety and our physical health also.

Horses are preyed upon in nature and so have a keen ability to sense changes in their herd members. They do the same in their interactions with us and we can use this to become more aware of our own energy levels that signal how anxious/stressed we are by the situation. Horses feel this anxiety/stress as we approach. By using the practical techniques we introduce in the first session  people can begin to understand how they can reduce their own stress response.


Horses are part of the facilitation team, rather than just a tool of the practitioner and we tap into the horse’s innate sensitivity and wisdom to connect with people in a very personal way.

The EFL sessions gives us opportunity to interact and form relationships with them and to learn from them in a way that involves us physically, emotionally and mentally. Horses are radars for in-congruence, and will reward us when we behave in a way that is the real to us. Lessons learnt in this holistic way can be more easily absorbed and remembered, resulting in lasting and positive changes that can be transferred to our wider world.


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