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Well-being with Horses Workshop - £45 per person 

Our unique coaching approach is run by an experienced team which includes a Chartered Psychologist, CBT Coach and Advanced Equine Coaches together with our herd of beautiful herd of horses. The session is run outside with horses no classrooms or talking based therapy.This workshop is designed to improve your Well-being in a natural, supportive and calming environment whilst in the presence of horses. It is ideal for anyone struggling to manage stress and anxiety in their lives, and/or who would like to take stock of things and find a way forward in life. There is time to connect with others or to find peace by yourself, talk or don't talk, everyone is treated as an individual. Horses have a therapeutic and calming effect on people and have the ability to see the real person, giving them instant and honest feedback. You will be able to learn and practice key skills and positive coping strategies, learning from the horse's behaviour, which in turn will help you manage and self- regulate your emotions, feelings and behaviours.

  • 2 hr small group session up to 6 people

  • Takes place outside in a safe, supportive environment

  • No Riding, all activities are on the ground with the horses

  • No horse knowledge necessary as experienced staff always on hand

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear should be worn and be suitable for outdoor activities with horses

  • Gain self-awareness of the biology of stress and how this can affect your physical and mental health

  • You will learn positive coping strategies and how to embed them in your life

  • We will run regular workshops that you can book on if and when you feel you need our support again

  • Try this as an introductory session that you can follow up with a 121 programme designed to help you make more specific change

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