What we do

Leadership Team Development - 1:2:1 Individual Coaching sessions or Whole Team Equine Facilitated Coaching sessions


We provide Leadership Team development as a whole group or individual development separately, if people feel this is more appropriate for them.


Today's leaders manage a constantly changing landscape of business demands, eg Multicultural groups across countries, varieties of age groups (often with more from older generations) as well as needing to be inclusive in how they manage and develop their teams. People need different skills to be good managers and leaders. 


Staff need to be given challenging work that energises them without drowning them under too much bureaucracy and that allows them to find their own job satisfaction and work-life balance. Flexible working requires managers who can let go of the need to see someone at their desk and be able to work with their team wherever they are based. 

Leaders now need to understand the influence they have on how satisfied their teams are with their work and environment. How this can directly lead to more stress for people who are trying to work for them if they do not fully think through the decisions they make as leaders. They must recognise the importance  of managing without causing more stress to people and this is hard for some who just see it as a fact of life in modern business life.


They have to lead by example and by allowing people to show their strengths and not by ruling the roost, this is not comfortable for many managers. 


We take a bespoke approach to each SMT and will start with a detailed assessment of their current strengths and approach to their leadership role.




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