What we do

Individual Coaching 


Our coaching sessions are designed to give you time to reflect on yourself, your strengths and your fears so you can get them in perspective and look at how small changes can make a big difference as long as they are the right ones.


We offer face to face sessions, scype/call, walk & talk sessions at a convenient location for you.

We use Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Solution Focused Coaching models to help you identify the areas of your life that are not working as well as you would like and work towards finding the most effective ways to improve them.  We offer a very practical approach for people feeling under stress about issues in their life, that are things you can take away and start to put into practise.  Our unhelpful thinking can really hold us back from trying new things and moving on from situations we are not happy with.


We also offer Equine Facilitated Coaching sessions at various locations.

Working with the horses tests our ability to control our emotions as they will mirror how we feel and how they choose to respond to us. Seeing how quickly we can modify this response shows people how to prepare for those scary situations in our lives without losing control; allows us to cope with it and perform at our best.


Becoming body aware is the first step on the journey to a better understanding of our own physicality. By understanding the biology of the stress response, we can help ourselves better control the stress triggers when we feel them taking hold.

Not sure if this is for you?

Call/email to discuss and take up our no obligation, free introductory session. 


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