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What we do

Schools - Equine Facilitated Coaching sessions 1:2:1 Individual Children & Small groups up to 10 students

We work with children and young adults to help build their confidence and self belief.  Without belief in our own ability to achieve something we will not try to achieve it. To develop self belief you need to experience small successes from small challenges that build inner confidence.

The social side of life at school can often be a confusing set of relationships with others who are all vying for attention. We all want to be liked and accepted and students at all stages of development can struggle to stay focused on class work when they are worrying about friendships and bullying.

Our approach puts students outside of their comfort zone in a safe way (All risk assessments and parental information & permission have been done.) The herd of horses brings about a feeling of excitement and anxiety, nervousness, maybe fear that brings down the barriers and shows the children in their true light. Over the sessions the students  take on small challenges with the horses and the success from each of these develops their self confidence and their ability to recognise their own feelings of fear and anxiety and how they can manage these with greater self awareness.

We assess each students in that first session and with school background information. Our approach has many activities that we can put together in a set of 6 to 8 sessions. This include working one to one with a horse of their choice, working in pairs where communication is key to success in moving the horses around obstacles and working in small groups to provide daily care for the horse like grooming.

One 2 One coaching sessions


Working with children and young adults who may be letting the pressures of school life get out of proportion. Putting extra pressure about grades and an inability to succeed on ourselves is not helpful, but exam stress feels to be outside of our control. Working on this unhelpful thinking and limiting beliefs can bring about greater self confidence and understanding of how to manage our stress levels. 

The coaching sessions are a combination of challenging these beliefs and setting realistic goals to get through the stressful time and achieve as much success as is possible given the starting point. To be able to build trust with the horses all anxiety must be recognised and reduced by gaining greater body awareness. Each session allows practise of this life skill that allows anxiety and stress to be managed in all situations.

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